Monday, July 27, 2015

All I Done by Lynn Nodima

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About the Book All I Done :

"When Grampy flies over the mountain to see what is on the other side, Ma sends Bradley after him. After all, it wouldn't do for regular folks to learn about Wilsons. They might just bring back witch burnings. And Ma hasn't forgiven them for the last time she was burned at the stake!"  (Amazon)

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From Susan Elliott:

An author once told me that there have been many folklores written, but very few that are set in North America. We often head to England, Ireland or Scotland to read legends. This short read All I Done contributes to the growing lore centered in North America. It embraces what feels like Appalachian life and then excels at capturing its lifestyle and nuances. 

While this is the first short work for Grampy and his family the Wilsons, it is just the beginning. If you like fantasy and folklore, this is a must read.


What legends inspire you?