Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Every Flaw, Every Perfection by Susan Elliott

susan elliott, every flaw, every perfection, poetry, american poets, about poetryAbout this Book:

"Every Flaw Every Perfection is a beautiful collection of poetry. This is the fourth collection of poetry written by Susan Elliott. These poems are poems of the heart; including one in Gaelic with an English translation." (Amazon)

Check out the sample poems below:


Poetry; what is this thing called poetry?
Is it mere words consisting of syllables, symbolism, and meter, or is it more?

Poetry; What is this thing called poetry?

Is it something your high school English teacher spoon feeds you as you kick and scream?

Poetry: What IS this thing called poetry?

It is the sound of rain.
It is a first kiss.
It is the boom-thump of your favorite song.

It is birth, it is death, and it is everything in between.

Poetry is. 

(c) Susan Elliott


Sometimes I ponder life
Thinking that things
Are dark and bleak, but
Really life is
Bright and cheery
Underneath the
Coffee bean plant that
Keeps my
Starbucks in great supply.
(c) Susan

Don't forget to check out Susan Elliott's meet the author page! 

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