Saturday, July 18, 2015

Finding Joy by Sarah Floyd

Sarah Floyd, Finding Joy, church of christ women authors, church of christ, women authorsAbout the Book: Finding Joy is Sarah Floyd's debut novel.

"Joy Carnegie's parents know she's lost her mind. Her ex-boyfriend knows she'll fail. Joy wonders if they're right, but her search for a better life leads her to do it all anyway - to quit her job, sell her possessions, dye her hair, and move to the mountains of Vermont just in time for winter. With the help of long-lost family, new friendships, and a growing faith, she finds much more than she ever expected."(Amazon)

About the Author:

"Sarah Floyd lives on the side of a mountain in Vermont with her husband, baby son, and Australian Shepherd dog. It took her more than fifteen years of dreaming to get to Vermont, but she finally made it. 
Mrs. Floyd holds degrees in Spanish and secondary education and previously worked as a teacher in the United States and South Korea.
She has been writing fiction since she was a child, but this is her first published novel. Mrs. Floyd enjoys writing inspirational fiction and poetry, reading, foreign languages, European travel, waterfalls, covered bridges, colorful fabric, and macaroni and cheese."  (Amazon)

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Genre: Christian Fiction

This book is available in print at the Createspace Store and in ebook form on Kindle.

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