Friday, July 17, 2015

Humanism: A Christian's Greatest Enemy by Susan Elliott

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About Humanism: A Christian's Greatest Enemy:

While humanist thought has been influencing lives since the mid-1800s, it has woven itself so tightly through-out society it can be difficult to recognize. Humanism and humanist thought is ever on the up rise, but most Christians know nothing of it. It is of the utmost importance to have a good understanding of the danger this religion [Humanism] poses to Christianity. The purpose of Humanism: A Christian’s Greatest Enemy is to introduce Christians to the topic of Humanism. This book includes six pages of references, so serious Bible students can fact check the information contained within its pages. The manifestos and other humanist resources discussed are used to show the reality of the Humanist Movement and have not been altered from the original documents. This subject is polarizing and divisive, but it is important to study, and every Christian should take the time to learn as much as possible about the Humanist movement as they can.

Humanism: A Christian's Greatest Enemy does not cover every tenant of Secular Humanism, but it does explore many of the tenants of Secular Humanism, as well as its effect on society and the religious world in general. Susan discusses topics like education, entertainment, evolution, social change and the right to die. Despite being heavily criticized for her fearless and upfront manner in her stance against Humanism, Susan is happy this book continues to generate discussion. Hopefully, Humanism: A Christian’s Greatest Enemy will shed some light on those things that may be hindering us all on our spiritual journeys. To God by the glory!

In Depth with Susan Elliott:

Why did you write this book?

This topic is so ingrained in our society and most of us are unaware. We see things that we know aren't quite right, but can't put our fingers on it.  Much of this time it's the influence of humanism.

What topics does this book cover?

I touch on several topics; including, entertainment, education, religion, right to die, abortion and more.

Who should read this book?

Everyone. It's a real eye-opener.

Can you recommend any other religious books about Humanism?

Yes, Robert L. Waggoner's  Christianity or Humanism Which Will You Choose?

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  1. This book is so important for everyone to read. We often ask why do people act they way they do, and what is happening to our society? When we know what humanism is, we can see the devastating effect it's having on our society. For example the killing of a lion in Africa has caused a man to have to go into hiding -- even though he was on a legal hunt -- and yet, there is barely a blip of an outcry when Americans murder their unborn children at an alarming rate -- and the clinics sale the bodies for parts. SICKENING! Humanism, is what is influencing our society and it is high time we wake up to the fact.