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Odds & Ends: A Collection of Short Fiction by Arwen Chandler

odds and ends, arwen chandler, short fiction, short reads, thrillers, stephen king, church of Christ women authors, church of ChristAbout Odds & Ends: A Collection of Short Fiction

"Arwen Chandler lures readers into a world of crime, murder and intrigue with her latest collection of short fiction. Arwen Chandler's "Odds & Ends" collection of short fiction leaves nothing off the table. Step into this wild ride of short fiction at its finest."  (Amazon)

Genre: Suspense & Thrillers

A Moment with Arwen:

You're from the Author info on Amazon states that this is a work "out of your comfort zone," what do you mean?

Well, I will admit that Stephen King has been a guilty pleasure since childhood. I remember sitting in my room with a black sharpie (editing the language) and scaring myself silly with his stories. Anyway, I was reaching out to my inner Stephen King -- without the language -- when I wrote this.  The stories are pretty dark, and kind of twisted. But, boy were they fun to write!

Do you have a favorite short story in the collection?

Yes. I really like "The Blue Eyes." It's the first story in the collection. I wrote it during the Ferguson riots, and it is a different take on a similar situation. But, over all I really like them all. 

You write a lot about the dark side of life in this collection, where did you draw inspiration?

I love crime dramas and real life crime shows. I guess I'm fascinated by the science, but also the mentality of some people -- what makes people tick, why do they embrace evil? That kind of thing.

Who would you say is your intended audience?

The person who likes thrillers, but doesn't like the language. Like I said, these tales are pretty dark. 

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arwen chandler, the blue eyes, odds and ends, church of christ women authors, church of christ, short reads

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