Friday, July 31, 2015

Poems, Prayers & Promises by Cindy Colley

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About Poems, Prayers & Promises: A Spiritual Planner For All Seasons of Life:

"Get your act together this year. Get organized while prioritizing the spiritual. This planner is filled with the spiritual focus you need to do the right things and the order you need to do them efficiently. Alissa uses it for her meal planner and Christa uses it to chart all the first roll-overs, laughs, words, teeth and steps of her baby. Cindy uses it to keep up with a busy schedule and Celine doesn't use hers at all. She's just saving it to pass down to her daughter. It's a prayer list keeper, a Bible study notebook or a baby shower gift. Every opening has the poetry of Cindy Colley. A 52 week planner for any year." (The Colley House)

Be sure to check out Cindy Colley's Meet the Author's Page!

From Church of Christ Women Authors: 

This book is adorable, and necessary for busy women -- like me.  This is a unique treasure, and I highly recommend you getting one today!

Do you use a planner to keep up with your schedule?