Friday, July 31, 2015

Rightly Dividing the Word: A II Timothy Study Guide

susan elliott, rightly dividing the word, II Timothy, church of Christ women authors, study books, women study, new testament study, pauline studies, apostle paulAbout Rightly Dividing the Word: A II Timothy Study Guide:

"Rightly Dividing The Word: A II Timothy Study Guide is an excellent study tool. It is an in depth study that not only covers the verses, but looks at them through a historical lens. Susan confronts many contemporary issues that were also common to Paul's day. This book has been classroom tested, and is also great for personal growth and development." (Amazon)

From the Author: I wrote this book because we had a need for class materials in our high school classroom. The year I wrote it II Timothy was the book the kids were studying for Bible bowl, so it only made sense to write class material that would cover Bible bowl and important lessons from II Timothy. I hope you find this book useful.  If you purchase a copy and like it, please leave a rating on Amazon. THANKS!

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What is your favorite epistle written by Paul?

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  1. My favorite of Paul's letters is Philippians. I find so much comfort in that book!