Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Marine Fantasy: The Louvre Still Stands by Arwen Chandler

About The Book:

From The Louvre Still StandsIn a perilous age where humanity lives under the control of the Militarian government, one woman risks life, limb, and ship, for a lost treasure trove on old Earth.

Gwyndalaria Casteliano, Captain of the starship Pleiades, leads her Ex-Militarian companion Adrik, and her childhood friend Rodrigo on the treasure hunt of a lifetime. While the common belief is that old Earth has been completely lost after the great alien wars, Gwyn knows it’s ripe for the taking. Intelligence, bought for a steep price, proves that the Louvre still stands. Gwyn leads her comrades on an adventure of a lifetime, as they make a desperate attempt at fortune. It’s too bad Militarian troops are hot on their trail.

The Louvre Still Stands is a piece of science fiction, that nods its head toward spacers like Malcom Reynolds, and is sure to leave readers wanting more.

Genre: Science Fiction

A Moment with Arwen:

What inspired you to write The Louvre Still Stands?

Well, I really enjoy space opera, and I love art. I guess I kind of merged those two ideas. I kept asking myself, "What if?"

You know, what if there is a daring female space pilot (something I haven't seen so much,) and what if the Old Earth is just prime waiting for someone to come in and rescue its treasures (or smuggle them)? 

I suppose it's that Old Earth world (concept) that intrigued me. I mean I can see it as if I'm looking out a window.

So, are there any plans for a novel in the future?

Yes, I've already got a book outlined, and I've started writing it. 

What other works do you have in progress?

I've been working on my novel Ice Clan for a good long while now. It sits and rests, but never leaves my mind. I'm also working on a novel centered around a female archaeologist from the same universe as The Louvre Still Stands.

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  1. I loved reading this. The plot was tight and the twist at the end was a surprise. I hope to read more of this character's exploits.
    Lynn Nodima

  2. Thanks Lynn! I enjoyed writing it. Loved the whole concept. I promise to let you know once I have the book done. :) Arwen