Friday, July 17, 2015

The Viper Pit by Lynn Nodima

About The Viper Pit:

Zivild laughed, and again she saw the curved fangs. "I ask your pardon, Captain, but it is most interesting to observe your people in unusual situations." The tip of his forefinger wiped absently at the moisture condensing on the outside of her soda mug. "Most interesting."

Regina suppressed the shiver skittering up her spine.

Getting her family's approval to join the Star Guard wasn't easy. Rising through the ranks without using her family's influence wasn't easy. But she made it.

Now, her ship's engineer is accused of a capitol crime on Viperia, Captain Regina Griwaldy must find a way to save him. Regina only has two questions: How far will she have to go to save him, and will the Emperor approve?

Exclusive with Lynn Nodima:

What was your inspiration for The Viper Pit?

I like stories where the protagonist has a secret that ends up being pivotal to the solution to the problem.

Are there any plans for a future novel with these characters?

I have wanted to write a novel featuring Regina Griwaldy for a long time. So far, she hasn't come back to tell me her story.

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  1. This is one of my favorite short stories. I sure hope she comes back to you so we can read more!