Friday, August 14, 2015

A Breaking Dawn with an Orange Sunrise by Susan Elliott

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About A Breaking Dawn with an Orange Sunrise :

"A "Breaking Dawn With an Orange Sunrise" is a collection of poetry written by Susan Elliott. Her poetry is unafraid, and covers a broad range of topics. This collection of poems opens with the poem "Breaking Dawn," and closes with "Orange Sunrise."


He is the Air I Breathe

He is the air I breath,
but today I nearly drowned.
I was dying inside,
flailing my arms, and
screaming within
because he was ashen,
and cold.
I was terrified, worried
that he wouldn't
be here to remind me to
breathe in and out. And, I
would be left alone
collecting shards
of our dreams as he slipped
away into eternity.
(c) Susan Elliott

The Wall

Seventy-two glossy black panels, stand baking in the sun,
Stand freezing in the cold,
Stand erect.
Seventy-two glossy black panels, reveal their names,
Reveal their lives,
Reveal my face.
Seventy-two glossy black panels, void of laughter,
Void of merriment,
Void of life.
Seventy-two glossy black panels, change our homes,
Change our minds,
Change our lives.
Seventy-two glossy black panels…
-Susan Elliott

What events inspire you to write?

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  1. Life in general inspires me to write. I always forget how much I love this collection of poems!