Tuesday, August 11, 2015

A Strand of Pearls by Delores J. Howard

About A Strand of Pearls

"A warm hello to all! Come on in and sit a spell. Are you thirsty--hungry? We have living water, the milk of the word, veggies, meat, and a delightful array of treats. Enjoy all the savory dishes for there’s something
here for everyone. There are poems to fi ll the hungriest of souls and some to satisfy even the most discerning tastes.

Before you eat, please permit me to ask God’s blessings upon the “food” and to bless and nourish you as only HE can do. May we thank Him for all His love and care, (physically and spiritually). As we feast on more assorted stories found in God’s Word, we’ll also savor the experiences of those who’ve shared our world, and those who have touched me and mine personally. Until then, dive in, while your spirits are good and hot! Bon Appetite! —Delores" (Amazon)

You can learn more about Delores J. Howard on her website A Strand of Pearls.

Will you ever look at a strand of pearls the same way again?


  1. In Jesus' day pearls were more valuable than gold or diamonds. People had to dive down a hundred feet to the ocean bottom to find clam shells. It took an average of 1000 clam shells to find 3 or 4 pearls. (I just wrote about pearls in my biblical novel, "The Samaritan's Quest".)

  2. That is amazing Katheryn. It really sheds light on the Pearl of Great Price. WOW!