Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Article: The Dream that Burns Brightest is the One We Write

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I read an article today about how a book changed a boy's life. The Harry Potter series gave him hope when he felt alone, courage to face the situation he was in, and the ability to escape the horror that surrounded him.

Many of us can relate to the pure unadulerated joy a good book can bring. I remember staying home from school in junior high (when sick and not), lying on the living room couch and transporting myself into worlds I could only dream of. There were days I was Jo March, one of the The Hardy Boys,  or Elizabeth Bennet -- hoping my pride hadn't lost me Mr. Darcy forever.

To this day I may find myself whisked away to Rivendale, or the chaotic streets on New York so I can fight a vampire outbreak. I often solve murders entrenched in a world of intrigue, art and mystery aside Robert Langdon,fly my own starship,or lead my troops into battle beneath the colors of King Arthur. I've even lived in Forks, Washington, basking in Twilight, and the escaped the new world order of the invading souls in The Host.

I read.

There truly is nothing like a good book. Perhaps my love for the written word is what inspires me to write. Maybe it's the dream that burns as bright as a star inside my soul that drives me to write. What ever reason; I write.

There are many  authors on the Church of Christ Women's Author site. Some of us write religious books, because we have a message that needs to be shared with fellow Christians. Some of us write fiction, non-fiction, science fiction, historical romance, inspirational fiction, and poetry. We all have one thing in common, and that is we write.

If you haven't checked out the authors, take a look at the left side-bar. Read through, and find a good book.


What book worlds could you get lost and live forever in?

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  1. I know there are several moments in time within the pages of a book that I could stay forever. I think I would like to live among the Elves in Rivendale, or Eldest.