Saturday, August 29, 2015

Church of Christ Women Authors Book of the Month Club Rules of Engagement

church of Christ women authors, book of the month club
Rules of Engagement:

Speak with love. While constructive criticism of a a person's writing ability is sometimes helpful, it is NOT necessary. Not all authors have been in a setting where they have had their work critiqued. Please refrain from critiquing an author's ability to write.

Speak the truth. Be honest with people. If you find a section of a work that is helpful in your personal life, let us know -- and let the author know!

Let your moderation be known. As always, all comments will be monitored by Susan Elliott and reviewed before posting. Comments that are inappropriate will be deleted. (Remember this is a public site.) Comments should be posted in the comment section of the book of the month post.

Stay on Topic. Make sure that the comments pertain to what is being discussed for that week. Don't spoil a book for other readers.

Reading and Discussion Schedule will be posted with the book selection.

Challenge yourself. Let other people know what you're reading, and encourage your friends to join that discussion!

What about Short Fiction Reads? In months that I choose short fiction there will be at minimum two works selected for the month, at maximum four works. The short fiction reading list will be determined by the length of the work.

Who can participate? Remember this is a ladies site, but all women are welcome.


  1. Would it be possible that the list for the books be listed for the coming year be posted. It takes awhile to get them shipped and would save on shipping if multiple books ordered. Just a thought:)

    1. Yes! I can post maybe three months ahead. (That way if something phenomenal comes up we won't miss it.) I will work on it this afternoon. Thanks Carol, it is a great idea!

  2. As soon as I'm finished with chemo I hope to participate in this!

    1. I plan to have your book one month next year. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on it all.

    2. Thanks, Susan. I've never participated in a book club before, but it has always sounded like fun.

    3. This is my first one. So far I've enjoyed it!