Monday, August 31, 2015

Free Bible Class and Homeschool Material at Bible Fun for Kids by Debbie Jackson

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(c) Bible Fun For Kids
Attention Bible class teachers and homeschool moms! There is a great blog online where you can download FREE printables and lessons.

For years my husband has worked as a bi-vocational preacher in small congregations. The places  we've been could not afford Bible class material, so I spent hours weeding through what was available online. (So much of it was riddled with error that I couldn't use it.)

While at Polishing the Pulpit I searched the vendor tables for new authors. I came across a business card for Debbie Jackson of Bible Fun For Kids. I struck a gold mine.

Her blog is perfect for Bible class teachers and homeschoolers looking for free Bible class lessons, visuals and printables. She uses the New King James Version on her site.

Make sure to check out her blog at Bible Fun For Kids!

Where else do you find free resources for classes?