Sunday, August 9, 2015

Ink Blots on Paper by Susan Elliott

About the Book: Ink Blots on Paper

"Ink Blots on Paper is a collection of poetry written by Susan Elliott. Her poetry has been published world wide in both print and online publications.

Susan has been actively involved in writing poetry since she was nine years old. Her first poem was published in 1989. Susan's poetry has been featured online at Every Writer's Resource, and Chris the Story Reading Ape. Her works have appeared in Visions, and Poesia. She is the author of four books of  poetry.

Susan has a unique voice that takes on a life of its own. Her poetry is both whimsical, serious and fearless. She studied writing at Northwest Arkansas Community College,  the University of Arkansas, and is a member of the Virginia Writers Club." (Amazon)

Excerpt: I wrote this poem as a tribute to my favorite poem, Sea Fever by John Masefield.

Sea Fever

I must go down to the beach again, where the horizon meets the sky
and all I need is a surfboard, and my Coppertone 45
and the rise of the surf and the gull's song and the breakers softly breaking
and a sparkling sun over me, and the sea grass slowly shaking.

I must go down to the beach again, for the call of the siren tide
is a captive call and a strong call stronger with each wave I ride
and all I ask is a crystal day with the ocean waves a swelling
and a waxed board and a longboard, and my sis wildly yelling.

I must go down to the beach again, and enjoy my surfing life,
it's a true life and an honest life where the pipeline swells are rife
and all I ask are good brahs, laughter and a diet coke

and an Aloha spirit, and more time, cause dude, I'm totally stoked.
(c) Susan Elliott

Don't forget to check out Susan Elliott's Meet the Author Page!

Have you ever written a tribute to your favorite poem?


  1. I love reading your poems. They are so visual.

  2. I just read this book today (and left a review on amazon). I thought of Sea Fever while reading this one. :) My favorite of the whole collection was "Inspired" which I want to try and memorize, I love it so much! :)

    1. Thanks so much Katy! I really, love writing poetry and love doing public readings of my poems. I've been blessed to speak at two colleges, a junior high and high school. Recently, I read Sea Fever at an open mic event and the crowd went wild. It was AWESOME!!! I am really, really glad you liked the book. Poetry is my lifeblood.