Monday, August 31, 2015

Is Anyone Home by Katrece Howard

Is Anyone Home? A Study of the Irreplaceable Heart of the Home

"This is a Bible-based study on the value of a mother at home and the importance of homemaking. It examines the value of the homemaker in the family as well as the consequences of the mother absent from the lives of her own children. There are current, escalating problems in the home and these problems fill society. The solution is simple, ancient and filled with what the home desperately needs – a natural, maternal love. This is a study of the irreplaceable heart of the home.

Katrece Howard is a mother of three, the wife of a preacher and has considerable experience in mission works. Her articles have been published in various religious magazines. “Is Anyone Home? A Study of the Irreplaceable Heart of the Home” is her first book which explores the value of the mother and child relationship and the effects this has upon the home and into surrounding culture. Katrece writes from the perspective acquired from an understanding of the Biblical text and a faith that knows it to be true. Her knowledge on the subject of the home is expanded by a depth of personal experiences as well as observing the lives of others. She is unapologetically and unashamedly Christian." (Amazon)

Catch a Sneak Peek Below:

What tips do you have for a good mother and child relationship?

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  1. Good for you. I am in the process of writing a short book on the subject of women needing to stay home and do things for the church to build it up instead of wanting the men's jobs.

    God commanded men to support their families, but did not give this command to women. He left it open for women to spend their days working for their family and the church. With all that available to them, why would women want to take from the men the 4 hours a week (including Wednesday PM) they have to do something for the church?

    I love your cover and title.

    My title is going to be "Women: God's Angel Messengers" (because we women like to talk to much) with a picture of an angel on the cover. It will be a short book (about 70 pages).