Monday, August 3, 2015

Leading Ladies: Willing Hearts, Willing Hands by Teresa Hampton

About Leading Ladies: Willing Hearts, Willing Hands:

"Refreshing ideas and simple guidelines show women divine parameters for leadership. A how-to book for ladies who want to put away complaining, worrying, and gossiping, and step into God's service. Thirteen chapters with questions." (Publishing Designs)

From Church of Christ Women Authors:

I LOVE this book. I started teaching ladies classes several years ago, and I found this book a great encouragement to me as I adjusted to teaching peers. I would recommend this book for women of all ages.
--Susan Elliott

What are your tips for teaching peers about the Bible?

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  1. Research, and pray! The first time I taught ladies class I was so nervous, but by the time the quarter was over I was unstoppable. Also, remember that if you don't know the answer to something, be honest, tell your class you'll look it up and then do it. (It's embarrassing when you forget!)