Thursday, August 6, 2015

Marketing Indie Books with Social Media

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One of the biggest discussions we've ever had in the Facebook group Church of Christ Women Author's was how to successfully market our books. This is the eternal question when it comes to book sales.

The answer mostly amounts to traffic (or page views); of course drawing people into a site is easier said than done. How do we stick out amongst the millions of pages on the Internet?

It takes work, but the fact that we all have the world at our fingertips through the Internet helps a lot. That is, if we utilize it. There are several social media outlets Indie authors must use to grow their business -- your book is your business, you are its brand.


Many people have Twitter accounts they use to keep track of trivial things, or even current events. As authors, and readers of authors, we must use our Twitter accounts to promote our books, events, pages, and so on. This isn't vainity, it's good marketing strategy.

Tweets can only be so many characters, so post the URL and add hashtags like #amwriting, #ebook, #amazon #kindle #fantasy, #yabook  and #religion. Don't be afraid to hashtag your name -- #susanelliott


SHARE. SHARE. SHARE! It does no good for your book or your friends' books to be posted on your wall alone, encourage your friends to share your posts. If you see someone has written a book. Share it! Make sure to turn the settings to public on that post so friends can share it too.

If you find a page that needs to know about your book. Post a link to it. (Make sure to read the page rules first.)

Create an Author's Page, and then invite your friends.

Create an event before any book release, special promotion, or pubic appearance. Set that event to public. Invite friends. Run contests. Do small giveaways. Send out teasers of what's inside the book.

For example, for Arwen Chandler's book The Louvre Still Stands, she might talk about art. Maybe share images of art from the Louvre (public domain of course. Around Mom's Kitchen Table had a great post about this the other day.) Make statements about the characters like "Gwyn's been scouting out the Louvre. Wonder what she'll find?"


Make use of Pinterest. Create a board for your books, and one for your favorite books. Share your pins. The blog Chris the Story Reading Ape had a great post about this, titled How to Use Pinterest to Get Massive Amounts of New Readers.

Blogger or Wordpress

Start a blog. Talk about your books. Share excerpts of your books, but don't leave it at that. Tell other people about yourself, your hobbies, your interests.

If you notice the left-side bar on this page, you will see links to Meet the Author Pages. These authors have taken the time to let you get to know them. Do this on your blog. People love stories about people.


Open a Google+ account, and share your posts. Your books, other people's books -- anything relevant to your business (book.)


Always utilize Pingfarm. Simply copy your blog post urls and book link urls into the Rapid Indexer, and let the Internet work for you. This will raise your  book's ranking in the search engines. If people can Google you and find your book, you're much more likely to get it into the readers hands.


What do you do to increase traffic to your books?