Saturday, August 29, 2015

Meet the Author: Barbara Barnes

Meet the Author Barbara Barnes:

"Barbara lives in Florida. She is a member of the Pleasant Grove church of Christ in Inverness, Florida. Barbara has been on five missionary trips; she has traveled to Ghana, West Africa four times and hopes to return again. She helps with teaching grades three through fifth on Sunday mornings and Ladies Class on Wednesday night. She has been a speaker for Ladies Day and enjoys being a part of church activities. Barbara has been active in the Lads to Leaders/Leaderettes program. This is Barbara’s first book but another one is in the works. Barbara is a veteran of the Air Force. She loves teaching and writing. Barbara is the mother of 2 children and lives close to her daughter Jennifer and grandchildren. You can contact her at"  (Westbow Press)

From Church of Christ Women Authors

I spent several days with Ms. Barbara at Polishing the Pulpit in 2015. She was a pleasure to be around, and I have loved getting to know her.

Check out her first book: A Lady's Pocketbook Ministry.

Have you read her first book?