Monday, August 17, 2015

Meet the Author Heather Pryor

About Heather Pryor:

Heather and her husband are business owners and together they run company Pryor Convictions Media. Pryor Convictions Media can also be found on Facebook under the name Pryor Convictions Media.

She has written several books: Available on Amazon, H&C Religious Supplies, Chula Vista Book Store and through the Pryor Convictions Media Website. 

Heather Pryor Books:

Stories from Genesis (illustrated by Heather)

Heather is also a blogger and writes posts in the Women's Corner on their website.

In depth with Heather Pryor:

  • I honestly don't think there was ever a moment when I decided to be a writer, but rather, I kind of eased into it and was also coaxed into it by my husband and others. About 15 years ago, I began by writing and publishing a ladies bulletin once a month for the ladies in my local congregation. They loved the articles and I received great feedback. After 12 years, my husband encouraged me to compile the articles into a book and self-publish - so I did! That led to a second volume being published and articles being published in Christian Woman magazine. I have home-schooled my three children for the last 20 years and as I was nearing the end of that journey, my husband encouraged me to start writing Bible curriculum to help families (home-schooling or otherwise) teach their children the Bible at home. I didn't feel confident about this at all, but my husband wanted me to do it and absolutely felt that I could so I gave it a try - I loved it! I learn so much as I study the Bible in preparation to write those books and I picture children learning and growing in God's Word as they use the books and it really excites me and spurs me on as I write. 
  • The time it takes me to write a book varies. Sometimes I have major writer's block and just get stuck. Other times, I can't type the words fast enough! So far, the longest it has taken me to write a book was close to two years and that was for the purity study. It just took me awhile for it to "feel right" and be satisfied with putting it out there for everyone. The shortest time it has taken me was one month to write the Exodus Bible curriculum.(And that record may never be broken!) The content just flowed, and it was quick to produce. 
  • Ironically, my work schedule is basically a non-schedule, and I am a very schedule-oriented person! The problem is that I work at home and life gets in the way of writing very often. To discipline myself, I try to set a deadline and that helps me stick to scheduled writing. I like to write in the afternoons after all of my "domestic goddess jobs" are out of the way and I can fully concentrate on writing. If my thoughts are flowing well, I usually get a good amount of work done, but if it's a day where I'm stumbling around with writer's block, I find it beneficial to just walk away from it and do something else. Then I try to pick up with it the next day and that usually gets me moving again. 
  • I can't think of any writing quirks. I'm a boring, sit-at-my-desk-and-type author. :)
  • Most of the inspiration for what I write comes from life experiences and observations. Living life gives one plenty of material to write about! 
  • When I'm not writing, I love to putter around my house and bake, make homemade soaps, decorate cakes, bake some more, and curl up with a good classic literature novel while sipping a hot cup of Earl Grey tea out of my Old Country Roses china teacup (while listening to classical music in the background). 
  • I would tell other Christian women who wish to write to not be afraid. Try! You'll never know what potential you have if you don't make an effort. Whatever genre you choose, keep it God-glorifying, truthful and kind and you can't go wrong. 
  • I have currently written 13 books. My favorite is probably the purity study titled Purer in Heart. I struggled the most with it and prayed about it the most, but I have seen the blessing of it being utilized by so many and I am so encouraged and uplifted by that. 
  • Read, read, read! Good writers read a lot and it is very beneficial in terms of style, vocabulary, and more. Enlist others to read your writing and offer honest feedback. Be open to criticism and willing to learn and grow from it. 
  • I absolutely love to read classic literature! I like to be challenged by those types of books, and I always feel after finishing a classic book that I have just feasted on a 9 course meal instead of a fast food meal. It is very satisfying. And of course, I love to read the word of God and grow in it. 
  • When I was a little girl, my dream was to grow up and be a wife and mommy. That is honestly what I wanted more than anything, and God has blessed me so richly in making me a preacher's wife to a wonderful husband of 27 years, and mother to three beautiful children that I was privileged to home-school. 
  • For a fun husband and I can have a 15 minute conversation using only quotations from Charles Dickens and/or Jane Austen novels! :)

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  1. Heather is an awesome lady. Really I've truly enjoyed getting to know her!