Saturday, August 1, 2015

Meet the Author Terri Temple

Terri Temple, church of Christ women authors, Las Vegas, beauty secrets, success
Terri Temple hosts the Godly Woman's Guide  TV show and website. She has a degree in business management and a certification from beauty school.

Terri is an award winning publisher and has been an active Christian for more than 25 years. She published her first book in 2007.

She is married and has one adult son.

Terri's Temple Books:

The Godly Woman's Guide to Inner & Outer Beauty
The Godly Woman's Guide to Daily Affirmations
31 Days to a New You in Christ
Be Happy Now!

What is your favorite book of the Bible for encouragement?


  1. I like to read Job, because I know he overcame so much and I can, too!

  2. I like II Corinthians for the same reason (with Paul). I did not fully understand some of his words until I got cancer.