Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Meet the Publishers: Pryor Convictions Media

About Pryor Convictions Media:

We are a home-schooling family from St. Petersburg, Florida, who are passionate about God, His WoPaul and Heather Pryorrd and homeschooling our children. We have been on the homeschooling journey for the last 20 years. Our two oldest have graduated high school and our youngest is now in the 12th grade. Over the years we have learned that certain things have worked for us and others haven’t. We realize that each family and each child in that family is different with their own unique learning style.

Currently Heather Pryor (mom) is focused on developing Bible curriculum for children in the elementary and middle school stages. The series is titled “Growing Up in God’s Word”. She and her husband (Paul) are also currently working on a Bible story audio series for children of all ages. Heather is also developing a DVD series for moms and daughters titled, “Hearts-at-Home”. Heather is the author of Heart to Heart: Devotional Thoughts for Women and has had several articles published in Christian Woman magazine.

Paul is developing a video Bible curriculum geared toward older teens and adults. These courses will cover most books of the Bible which will be available in an online format as well as on DVD. Currently he is working on the books of James and Genesis. Paul is an elder and pulpit minister at the Northside church of Christ in St. Petersburg, FL. (Pryor Convictions Media)

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