Monday, August 24, 2015

Secret Sister Program Questionnaire

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It might seem strange that an author's blog is posting an article about the Secret Sister program, but these questions are often hard to find. So, I thought I'd share them with you.

Keep on writing my friends!


The secret sisters program is a great way of making new friends. Recently we have started the program where I attend worship. Since it was my brain child, I did the prep work.

I spent several hours scouring the Internet trying to find a secret sister questionnaire, but I didn't have much luck. So, after reading through several sites with little information, I decided to write my own questionnaire as well as an introductory statement about why the secret sisters program is beneficial. Please feel free to use the following statement and questionnaire in your own secret sister program.


The idea of making good Christian friends is often communicated to young people. We stress to our children and grandchildren that it is imperative to wisely choose friends and to love their Christian family. While those are admirable things for the young, we often overlook the importance of Christian friends in our own lives.

When we obeyed Jesus in baptism we became family. There are times in our traditional families that life, time and space separate us; the same holds true in our Christian families. Becoming a secret sister allows us to form a new bond with someone that we may have known of for a long time, but have not really known. It may also allow us to become friends with someone that we have never shared much time with. Either way, secret sisters is an opportunity to more deeply cherish those around us.


How often you contact your secret sister is up to you; however, you should strive to contact her at least once a month. This way she knows that you are still thinking about her.

Pray for her! "The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availath much," James 5:6. We all need prayer. Learn your sister's needs and the needs of those around her. This way you can better pray for her.

You don't have to purchase gifts for your secret sister. Shower her with cards, notes, and handmade items. Share a poem with her, or even a favorite Bible verse. Remember this is about your secret sister getting to know you, too.

Don't forget her special days. Anniversaries and birthdays are important. If her birthday falls outside of the time set for secret sisters, give her a birthday present when she least expects it.






Husband's name:

Children/grandchildren (and ages):

Favorite color:

Favorite Bible verse:

Favorite junk food:

Food allergies:

Favorite drink:

Favorite book of the Bible:

Favorite flower:

Favorite book (religious):

Favorite book (any kind):

Favorite poem:

Interests/ Hobbies:

Special Prayer Requests:


It is important to keep who your secret sister is a total secret until it is time to reveal it to them. Plan a party in conjunction with the reveal event. A nice restaurant, diner, house, or even a room in the church building can make a great setting for the party. You can even have the secret sister party in conjunction with another even like an ornament exchange. Make the reveal special so that you can spend time with your new friends!

What great ideas do you have for a secret sister program?


  1. I like secret sisters. But in a large congregation where you don't know everyone, I prefer special sisters. You are teamed up with someone in your same circumstance (widow, college student, etc.) or age.

    1. That's a good idea. Same concept to get to know each other. :)

  2. Great idea but how do you ensure that each sister has a friend?

    1. If there is an odd number of women I usually take two people. We have a name drawing, but then it's up to the individual to make sure they are participating. :)