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Superman Comics, Good VS. Evil & Christ

A few years ago a movie came out called, The Man of Steele. It received a lot of media attention at the time and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Of course, I am a sci-fi nut (as you all know). For some reason Superman is really in my thoughts today.

Many statements were made at the time that the general populace felt the movie was based on Christ and the Bible. This connection infuriated some and lead others to love the movie even more.

It is interesting that even those who do not love Christ, or his church, saw a correlation between the movie and Christ. Perhaps, this is because any story that handles the principles of good vs. evil share something in common with the good book. The Bible is the ultimate adventure story of good vs. evil, and what could be better than a TRUE story of good vs. evil?

I must admit, I'm drawn to the adventure stories. 

Reading is an adventure, and writing even more so. But, in honor of one of my favorite comic book characters, I thought I would share my thoughts on the movie, The Man of Steele. And if you're writing today, consider the principles found within. They are good ones for a hero character!

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A long time ago a “heavenly father” sent his son to Earth to save mankind. While here, his son lived unknown amongst the people waiting for the fulfillment of time to show his true nature. There were some that saw his miraculous feats before he announced his purpose to the world, and those people rejected him.

They murmured insisting he was not from God. Eventually the son appeared to the world, showing the people what he could do, and how he could help, but he was rejected. Even though rejected, the son loved the people of the Earth, and so in time he sacrificed everything to become the peoples savior, their Superman.

Sound familiar?

Well as you know, Superman was once again remade for a new generation. Unfortunately, this time there were some in Hollywood who were up in arms spouting anti-Christian sentiment because they claimed that The Man of Steel had too many Christian themes.

 It is true that there are some similarities between The Man of Steel and Jesus Christ, but it is also true that all good verses evil stories share similarities with the supreme good contained in the Bible story. Hollywood missed a very important point. Superman is a good story, but the reality is the only true savior of mankind is Jesus Christ. The real headline from the Daily Planet should read, “Jesus Saves.”

Jesus Lived a Perfect Life, Superman Did Not

Jesus humbled himself to be baptized. Matthew 3:13

Jesus was claimed by God as His son. Matthew 3:17

Jesus was tempted, but overcame. Matthew 4:1-11

Jesus knows our trials. Hebrews 4:14-16

Jesus Died a Sinner’s Death, Superman Did Not

Jesus was betrayed by a kiss. Matthew 26:36-49

Jesus had the power to destroy his captors. Matthew 26:50-56

Jesus allowed man to strip, beat and crown him with thorns. Matthew 27:27-31

Jesus allowed himself to be crucified. Matthew 26:42, Matthew 27: 35-54

(One really awesome thing about The Man of Steel was when Superman allowed himself to be handcuffed, and led captive into an interrogation room. It was a great example to help us understand meekness. Lois Lane asked Superman, “Why did you let them handcuff you and lead you in here, if you can simply break free.” He replied, “It makes them feel better.” Christ could have come off the cross at any time, but he allowed the things done to him to happen. He ALLOWED it.)

Jesus Rose from the Dead, Superman Did Not

Jesus was not at the tomb. Matthew 27:62-28:10

Paul tells the Jews they allowed the savior to be crucified. But, he rose. Acts 2:29-36

Through Christ We Have Eternal Salvation, Not a Momentary Physical Salvation as with Superman

There is salvation in no other. Acts 2:37-42, Acts 4:12

Christ shed his blood. Hebrews 9:11-14

Christ is our High Priest. Hebrews 9:24-28

Christ lived a perfect life. He died a sinner’s death, taking away our sins. Jesus rose from the dead, and now serves as our High Priest. Jesus is the ultimate “superhero.” There are similarities between The Man of Steel and the savior Jesus Christ, but don’t let Hollywood fool you. There is only one Christ and savior of all.

What Biblical characters might you base a work of fiction on?

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