Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The GLAM Girl's Guide to Sex: Examining the Logic Behind Purity by Leah Hopkins

About The GLAM Girl's Guide to Sex: Examining the Logic Behind Purity:

"Sex is everywhere.You can turn off the television, never buy another magazine, and keep your children home until their grown, but we absolutely cannot keep them from learning about sexuality...and it would be wrong if we tried. Often people still grasping at some form of morality over-react to our sex saturated society and stick their heads in the sand, letting people make God’s gift to a man and his wife, dirty. Our young people want to learn about this subject, and if their mentors zip their mouths and make it uncomfortable, they will go to other sources. The G.L.A.M. Girl’s Guide To Sex is a book to teach young ladies that they need to prepare their hearts for purity so when they are faced with (and they will be at some point) the temptation to yield to the lust of the flesh, they will instead stand up for Christ.


Great Book...check it out!

I think that this author has got her act together and put a lot of work and study into this book. A MUST READ for all teenage girls!! Young Ladies will learn from her experiences.

Sexuality is a complex subject and teaching anybody about it is a daunting task. This straight forward study breaks down what a girl is going through as she matures and offers biblical guidance as she contemplates decisions that affect her opinions, actions and most importantly the destination of her soul. This book is designed to be used as a personal study or curriculum for a Bible class and is the first in a planned series on I John 2:15-17." (Amazon)

You can also purchase a print version from Hopkins Publishing.

From Church of Christ Women Authors: 

This is a great book that covers an important subject. It's one that most people shy away from, and I am so thankful that Leah tackled it head on!

Don't forget to check out Leah Hopkins Meet the Author Page! (Coming Soon)

What other difficult subjects do we need to teach our children?