Saturday, August 1, 2015

Wandering Through a Barely Functional Mind by Susan Elliott

susan elliott, church of Christ women authors, wandering through a barely functional mind, poetry, poems, book of poems, American poetsAbout Wandering Through a Barely Functional Mind :

"Wandering Through a Barely Functional Mind" is a collection of poetry from author Susan Elliott. Susan has a unique voice that stands apart from the masses. This collection of poetry is more than a book of poetry, it is a life journey. Her poems are serious, challenging, romantic and at times whimsical. This is a must read for anyone who shares Susan's love for the poetic word." (Amazon)

From the Author:  This was my first book and I still love it! It includes several poems that were original published through the journals Poesia and Visions.

You can read more of Susan Elliott's poetry at Susan's Poetic Blogosphere.

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Sneak Peek:

Bare Feet 
Encompassed in trees
here I stand
breathing the beauty
of this wooded land.

At peace with myself,
I stand free to dream.
So slipping off shoes,
I run through the green.

My burdened soul's uplifted
in the pale morn light,
a new day has broken,
gone is the night.

My tightly tethered heart
has grown white silken wings
and flies through the sky
up where the jay sings.
(c) Susan Elliott

His name left written
by driftwood scribe
she stood; bathed by spray
at the ocean's shore
closing bloodshot eyes
hearing the roar,
like a heartbeat, it
had called him home.
She alone; drowning
in bitterness
watching the tide wash
memories across
the sand, erasing  his name.
(c) Susan Elliott

The Sun beat down from the Texas sky
licking its way through the carpet grass.
Indian summer left it weathered
burnt and yellow flecked, sparsely green.
We two standing in the foreground
trees dark and forest like squat giants behind us.  

You smiled.

I smiled.
Our arms draped around each other
born fresh into womanhood, no cares,

save the cowboy who took our picture.
(c) Susan Elliott

Do you write poetry?


  1. I forgot to mention, "Captain Jack" is in this book. One of my favorites for sure!

  2. I do but not enough. Keep it up, Susan :)

  3. I don't write much poetry, but I love reading it. This book was a delight to read. Especially "Captain Jack."