Tuesday, September 15, 2015

A little Writing Inspiration with Baxter Black: A Vegetarian's Nightmare

I don't know if you've already read my book The Cowboy and El Gran Pollo: A Texas Tall Tale, but I feel like Baxter Black and I have a very similar sense of humor.

My husband recently shared a fantastic video from Johnny Carson of Baxter Black reciting a poem called, "A Vegetarian's Nightmare." I have to admit I was highly amused, and I suspect the hubby shared it with me because he knew it fit my warped sense of humor so well.

I hope you find this video inspiring, and that you will spend a bit of time thinking and writing out-of-the box today. I want to encourage you to write your own unique tale. If you do, I'd love to share it!

What other Baxter Black poems do you like?