Sunday, September 13, 2015

Because I Said So by Celine Sparks

 Because I Said So

"Description: God expects us to be His in every situation. Celine Sparks, humorist for Christian Woman magazine, hits us where we live with warnings and exhortations based on her own mother’s pithy sayings. Sample chapters: "More Money than Sense" (Materialism), "Don’t Go Hunting without Your Gun" (Consistent Bible Study), and "Pray for Gettin' Somewhere and Sittin' Down" (Peace amid Chaos)." (Publishing Designs)

Because I Said So is available through Publishing Designs; however you can also purchase used copies on Amazon . Amazon buyers beware, a new copy of the book sales for only $11.95 at Publishing Designs. I saw a few listed on Amazon for $20, but I also saw some selling for around $6.00.  Which ever copy interests you, I guarantee it'll be money well-spent.

What are some of your mother's favorite pithy statements?

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  1. I am currently teaching this book to our ladies class and they love it. This is the 2nd congregation that I have used this book for a class and I still find new things in it. Love it!