Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Best Places to Buy Material for Ladies Class, Devotionals and Bible Class

It was brought to my attention that there are many people who don't know where to buy good sound Bible material. It's really no surprise, because wading through the plethora of Bible class materials can be tricky.

Many people turn to local bookstores, or Christian books stores and hope to find material that is usable. Thankfully, there are better options. After all, it's always better to use material written by a faithful Christian than material written for a generic religious purpose.

The following is a small listing of places to purchase good Bible material (Some of the sites have free material). As always, search the scriptures to make sure the teachings are accurate! I know there are many more, and I will update the list periodically.

Apologetics Press
Christian Courier
Colley House
Gospel Advocate
Hopkins Publishing
Pryor Convictions Media
Publishing Designs
Winkler Publications
Psallo Publications

Thanks for reading!