Monday, September 7, 2015

Black Tears by Andrea R. Piper

About Black Tears

"Nadine cried black tears that the whole world turned a deaf ear to….

Nadine Crawford was the neighborhood eccentric. She was peculiar and distant from everyone else in the urban life she led in Brooklyn. She hardly spoke to anyone, rarely came out of her apartment, barely lived. But what her neighbors didn’t understand was the pain Nadine had to deal with for years…
Nadine endured the emotional struggle of living as a family of seven in that tiny, shabby, Brownsville apartment. A woman in her thirties, Nadine felt completely at ease taking up residence with her parents and siblings as if she was still a child. If she didn’t have her family, she didn’t know what would happen to her…
Set in Brooklyn, in a time when the youth ruled the streets, Nadine Crawford struggles to survive against the crime-filled culture of that era. Getting through the next tragedy was her only goal…" (Amazon)

Category: Urban Fiction

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