Monday, September 21, 2015

Mercy's Gift by Katy Huth Jones

Mercy's Gift (He Who Finds Mercy Book 2)

"While Prince Valerian adjusts to marriage as well as his new title, conspiracy brews in the south among disgruntled lords who wish to separate from the north. The situation is made even more volatile by a charismatic rebel leader whose guerrilla tactics are swift and brutal.

The clandestine efforts of a witch hired by one of the lords render Valerian's gift of Sight ineffective, and Merry's Healing gift is sorely tested.

It has become dangerous for a northerner living in the south, and if the gifted young royals fail to stop the growing rebellion, evil will reign in Levathia." (Amazon)

If you haven't already read it, don't forget to read Mercy's Prince the first book in the series.

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What other young adult books do you like to read?

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