Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Preview of the New Poetry Collection Magnetic Words by Susan Elliott

Most people who know me already know that I am a poet. I bleed poetry and have since I can remember. In high school my poems were often selected by students to read in both English and in drama for presentations.

I am currently working on a new collection of never before seen poetry called Magnetic Words. While, I am trying to keep the poems under wraps -- which is a huge challenge for me, because my first impulse is to put them on Susan's Poetic Blogosphere -- I have thus far not shared any. 

With that said, today I'd like to give you a sneak peek at what is inside Magnetic Words. If you haven't read any of my poetry check out Susan's Poetic Blogosphere, or get a copy of one of my poetry books which are all listed on my Meet the Author Page.

Darkness of Despair

Sometimes I fail to count the stars
smell the jasmine blowing on the wind
I miss the crashing waves
only seeing how far my toes are sinking in.

Sometimes I forget the sweet sounds
of a baby’s dulcet tones
or whispers from my lover
when he and I are alone

Sometimes I see the forest
hauntingly thick with trees
and miss the golden sun rays
illuminating autumn leaves.

Sometimes I fall on my knees
sobbing with out control
forgetting that my Maker
is the keeper of my soul.

In  moments of deepest sadness
buried with the blackness of despair
I must remember God
who answers my every prayer.

(c) Susan Elliott

Who are your favorite poets?

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