Monday, September 7, 2015

The Treasured Woman Book of The Month Club Week Two Reading Schedule

I hope you're enjoying the The Treasured Woman: Profiles from Proverbs 31 by Christa Bryant. I know I am. There has been a lot of discussion on several posts about the book.

If you haven't gotten your copy of the book yet it's not too late. It's available in print, , Ebook, and audio book. You can even get the Kindle app for free here: - Read eBooks using the FREE Kindle Reading App on Most Devices

Christa has been writing back and forth about the study, too. So make sure you take the time to post. I'm sure she looks forward to your comments as do I.

Week Two

We are reading chapters 3-6 this week. I will post a discussion over the chapters on Friday, so be looking for it.

Thanks for participating!


What has been your favorite part of the book so far?


  1. Discussion Questions Chapter 4
    What would the Proverbs 31 woman or any gardener have to do in order to get a vineyard ready for harvest? The gardener would first have to plant the seeds, then water it and tend it by pulling the weeds.

    How can we take those same skills she used in planting a vineyard and translate them into saving souls? Scatter the seeds of the Word of God wherever I go, whenever and how ever I can. When someone shows interest, this would be the time to focus more on that person and set up a study, give reading material, videos or invite to service. Pulling weeds would require more tactfulness and a deeper relationship with that person in order to help them see what changes are needed, ie. leaving denomination or other beliefs, repentance.

    How can we use the Parable of the Sower in Luke 8: 1-15 to prepare ourselves to plant seeds of knowledge? It is important to know the different responses to the gospel. Not everyone is going to receive it. Some will be eager and even though they become a Christian, will fall away. Some won't grow and will need to be nurtured, encouraged and exhorted more than others. Others will blossom and bear much fruit for Christ.

    Which aspect of Priscilla’s story would you find easy to incorporate into your spiritual life? To encourage preachers and teachers in the Lord.

    Which would you find difficult? I find it the hardest to evangelize and correct an erring brother/sister.

    1. What are some ways you can help the poor or the unfortunate in your town, community, or church? City-food bank, volunteer community-be more aware of the needs around me, church-meals

    2. In your season of life, how can you help the less fortunate? I have more time now as my children are grown. I need to manage my time better and make this a more regular part of my life. Perhaps my husband and I can volunteer somewhere together.

    3.What is your reaction to the poor? If they are begging on the street, I usually feel uncomfortable, suspicious and afraid. I have reacted badly in the past except for once. I was going downtown for a week and always passed this one man who was begging. I didn't give him anything but I did smile genuinely at him, everyday. It was special for me as it was a change of attitude. He always seemed glad to see me too and tipped his hat.

    4. Does that help or hinder you from helping when you can? I need to held that memory of that man in my heart. He appreciated respect more than anything. Thinking the worst of people will not lead to good works and is not Christ-like.

    5. What holds you back from making charity work part of your life? Selfishness with my time and inability to manage it wisely. Fear too, of doing something new. Lack of confidence in my abilities.

    6. How can you help the poor in a spiritual way? Getting to know the poor in a charitable fashion will help me to build relationships so we can hopefully talk about this most important matter.

    How are you working for the Lord? Serving my household, outside job, in the church.
    How can you work more diligently? I have to be more diligent in this, increasing my physical strength to be able to do the all the work. I broke my ankle some months ago so I really see the need to do this as I am still weak. I would like to hear what other people do to increase their diligence. A good attitude, knowledge of methods and motivation would help.
    What things distract us from serving the Lord? I hate to say it, but Facebook is my worst distraction. I am easily distracted by worldly interests. I don't think it is totally wrong to have hobbies and interests to relax us, in fact they are necessary but keeping them in balance is important.
    How can we overcome those distractions? Prayer for guidance with time, to put God first and overcome my fleshly desires.
    What benefits are there from hard work? Spiritually? Physically? Mentally? Emotionally? Peace, satisfaction, self confidence, strength.
    Do we have the same loyalty to the people in our lives and to God as Ruth had for Naomi? I am very loyal to those in my life but not to the same depth as Ruth with her hardworking devotion. She was so unselfish.
    What do you think prompted that loyalty? Love and selflessness.
    How can we cultivate a sense of loyalty like that for God? Prayer, study, honesty, humility.