Sunday, September 6, 2015

You and God The Parenting Partnership by Cynthia Donahoe

You and God :The Parenting Partnership

"We can do it! The Parenting Partnership is a book to encourage today's Christian parents in the wonderful task of raising children. This is a Biblical study of the ways God helped parents in the Bible times and how He helps today's parents.
You and God: The Parenting Partnership looks at the lives of such Biblical parents as Adam and Eve, King David, Hannah and Noah. We look at God's relationship with these parents and how we can learn from the issues that they faced. We can see that God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit were with the parents in Biblical times and they will be with us as well.
There are so many lessons that can be see in the Word of God that can assist and encourage today's parents. Parents have the difficult task of teaching children the will of God. God has provided all that is needed to get this task done. We must rely on His word, His way, and His power to get us through the tough times. Parents can not fall down on the job of teaching God's way to the children. There is a sinful world just waiting to pull our children from God's ways. We must instill God's word in us and then pass it on to the children. Parents remember that God doesn't give His people a task that we can not accomplish with His power. This is the same thing with parenting. We can do it with His help.
You and God: The Parenting Partnership was first published in 2011."

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Parenting can be tough what other parenting books do you recommend?

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