Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Cabin on Pinto Creek (Cedar Ridge Chronicles Book 1) by A J Hawke

I have to tell you how exciting it is to have a new author on here! A J Hawke writes western romance and has a plethora of books on Amazon. This is just the first listing of many more books to come. So, if you will, please help me welcome AJ Hawke to the blog! You can read more about AJ on her webpage, and you can also follow her on Facebook at AJ Hawke Books.

Cabin On Pinto Creek by AJ Hawke (This is book one in the Cedar Ridge Chronicles)

About Cabin on Pinto Creek, "Elisha Evans is out of luck. By the age of twenty-five, he’d planned to have his own ranch. Instead, he’s forced to beg for a job, destroying his dreams of having a family he can provide for and protect. Betrayal and loss bring him to a cabin on Pinto Creek in the high Colorado Rockies. Just before winter hits, he finds a broken-down wagon in the snow with precious cargo inside. Perhaps, his luck is about to change.

Susana Jamison doesn’t feel so lucky. Despite being rescued by Elisha, she is challenged to the limit of her strength, both physically and spiritually, when faced with the brutal conditions of frontier living and the dangers she encounters. Can she hold on to her faith in the midst of this desperate situation, especially when she’s forced to marry a man she’s doesn’t love?" (Amazon)