Thursday, October 1, 2015

Congratulations Michael Shank for Crossing Over from the Indie Market to Brick and Mortar Stores

I was reading through my Facebook feed the other day when I came across a picture someone had shared. The man who made the post must have thought what he saw was impressive, or he wouldn't have taken the picture.

I'm uncertain if he understood the picture in the same way that an Indie author would, but I know he at least recognized that something awesome was happening! In fact, more than one thing awesome, because as you will see, God's word is being spread like never before, and that is a true blessing. What I saw made me leap for joy for so many reasons. I suspect you will be jumping for joy, too!

Are you Ready? Have I built up enough suspense? Check out this picture below! 

(c) Stephen Sutton
Do you notice those two books on the customer service desk? Look closely. Yes, that's right. It's Muscle and a Shovel and When Shovels Break.

Do you recognize the store? It's Barnes & Noble.

Let me tell you something about Barnes and Noble, they didn't put these books at the customer service desk for no reason. These books are prominently displayed, most likely in the center of the store, for customers to see. Why? Because they are selling.

I don't know if Michael Shank ever dreamed his book would have the success it has had, that it would reach so many lost souls, or cross over from an Indie market to a brick and mortar store, but seeing this image, there large-as-life, reminds me that our books can, too! Keep on writing.

Congratulations Michael Shank!