Saturday, October 31, 2015

Last Post for October Book of the Month Club Sandi Rog's Out of the Ashes

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By: Susan Elliott

Sandi Rog's Out of the Ashes was phenomenal! I wasn't quite sure how to run a fiction book of the month club. I think the non-fiction club posts were much easier, because with fiction we all read at different speeds. So, the next time we do a fiction book of the month, I think I will do an initial book post, and then a month end book post about the book.

If you haven't read Out of the Ashes make sure to check it out. It's a really great book. I know that this book is the first in the series, and I for one am looking forward to reading the next book.

So readers, what were your thoughts about this book? Did you start it with any preconceived ideas, and if so did it live up to your expectations or surpass them? I for one didn't know what to expect, but the characters were dynamic and I really enjoyed the way they interacted with each other. I didn't have any notions about the book before I read it, because I hadn't yet read any of Sandi's books; although, I knew it would be good because she is an award winning author!

At any rate let me know what you're thinking. And if you want to participate in the November Book of the Month Club reading we are reading Heather Pryor's Purer in Heart. (It's a nonfiction devotional book) Hopefully, Heather will find some time to stop by the blog and engage us with a few comments. I'll post the reading schedule on November, 1, 2015.

Purer in Heart by Heather Pryor

"What does it take to be purer in heart? This 13 lesson study for teen-aged girls and women explores possessing purity in every area of our lives so that we may stand before the Lord with "clean hands and a pure heart". (Psalm 24:3-4) Each lesson includes discussion questions, a personal challenge, prayer requests, and a scripture to commit to memory. Chapter topics include: Purity in our speech, Purity in our thoughts, Purity in our motives, Purity in our religion, and more. The book is designed to be used for either personal or group Bible study. Grab a Bible and prepare your heart to delve into the Scriptures to search for the answers to growing purer in heart." (Amazon)


  1. I must confess, I didn't stay on schedule with Sandi's book. It was so interesting I wanted to keep reading to "see what happened next." :) It was a good story with sympathetic characters. Not sure I can do November's book, though; I signed up for NaNoWriMo for the first time because I need the structure to finish my WIP.

    1. NaNoWriMo is a huge undertaking. I wish you success! I have several high school students in my creative writing class that do that every year. I haven't yet, but I keep thinking about it. I think I am going to pretend do it this year, and finish my novel this month. I am getting closer to the end. I just need to stay driven to stick it out! Good luck, Katy!

  2. I did Nanowrimo a couple of years ago Katy and took off this month to work on revising that effort! God bless you and have fun with it :)
    I am behind on my reading of Out of The Ashes!