Saturday, October 3, 2015

Women Talk Men Walk by Dr. Wyveta Kirk

About Women Talk Men Walk: 

"Many women expect a man to respond like her girlfriend. But he can't. A man can't think like a woman - and he can't help that he can't. Few men enjoy long emotional talks like a woman does, but they do value connecting in other ways. She can learn to recognize his special love signals. Hormones clarify why men and women respond differently to the same situation and how they are part of God's plan for complimentary relationships. Remember, God created Eve from Adam's rib, not his brain cells. Women Talk Men Walk is a 9-1-1 answer for having a sizzling relationship by decoding a woman's words to fit her man's heart." (Amazon)

Dr. Wyveta Kirk is a psychologist, ladies day speaker, and former college instructor. She has written numerous books (non-fiction and fiction) and is currently working on another one.

Let's welcome Dr. Kirk to the Church of Christ Woman Authors blog!

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