Monday, November 30, 2015

My Favorite Things Featuring Susan Elliott

(c) Susan Elliott
So, while I'm waiting for other authors favorite thing articles to pour in, I thought I'd share some of my favorite holiday things.

Blu-Rays with Digital Copies for VUDU. Okay. If you know me, you know I'm a complete cinephile. I love movies, and my favorite genre is science-fiction and fantasy. SO, some of my favorite gifts are movies. Unfortunately, because I am a cinephile I already have most of the movies I want, so if you're planning to fill my stocking with a blu-ray this season, you better check with me to see if I have it. With that said, I would love a copy of the series Downton Abbey which is neither science-fiction or fantasy! :)

Seattle's Best Coffee. I am a coffee drinker, and my absolute favorite coffee is Seattle's Best. (I'm writing this at their competitor's establishment -- lol.) I remember going out on a date with my hubby several years ago, and stopping at the Books-A-Million that was in Rogers, AR. Upstairs they had a Seattle's Best Coffee Cafe. That was my first experience with the coffee. I ordered a Valentine's Chocolate Cherry Mocha with real chocolate and cherries. It was wonderful. Ever since, I've brewed Seattle's best at my house, and I drink it most of the day when I'm writing.

Scarves. I adore scarves of all kind. I can usually be seen wearing a scarf, and checking out the scarf section at our local Goodwill. I also like to make fun scarves. Last year everyone on my Christmas list got a homemade scarf.

Art & Craft Supplies. When I'm not writing, I am often making jewelry, painting or creating some kind of art project. I couldn't do a favorite things article without saying how much I love art. Of course, if you've listened to my author interview about my book More Than a Passing Glance: Early Christian Art, you already know it. If you haven't heard it click here: Author Interview More Than a Passing Glance.

I hope you have a Happy Holiday!