Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Doubt: Poetry by Susan Elliott

I love being a Christian. I love knowing that I can cast my cares and burdens on God (I Peter 5:7), and I know that even in the darkest day he will be there for me (Psalm 23). I am loved. I am cared for. God has a plan for me -- even when I can't see it (Jeremiah 29:11). I know assuredly the God sent his son and his son, the Christ, bore my sins on the cross (I Peter 2:4), and in his blood I am forgiven.

There are some who don't know this peace; this joy (Philippians 4:7). They live their lives balancing on the raggedy edge, on the precipice of death and destruction.  Today, I am writing to you. You who are struggling with addiction. You who knows the pain of poverty. You who believe all hope is lost. Hang on!  I want you to know that all hope is in God, and that you can reach out to him and he will answer. Cast your burdens on God. If you're not a New Testament Christian check out the article, What Must I Do to Be Saved?

I wrote the following poem about a person who had lost hope because of secularism. So much of the world is lost in secularism and humanism, but can't even see it. Don't ever lose hope!



Humanity reasons
no one wants to
hear your complaints.
Console yourself, look to potential;
the elevation of the human spirit.

feels weighted down
by the unjust world. You’re
not alone in grief
just alone in the cosmos.

You, sitting there,
nursing your pain
allowing it to grow,
consuming your all
whitewashing your highly evolved state.

You never turn to God,
for you know; reason,
that He is not there.
However, a growing emptiness
cannot be filled
by your work, art,
education. You’ve tried.

Suicide calls softly,
desiring to hold your hand.
Hastily you reach out.
Why not end it?
It’s a matter of choice, and decided.

He watches you,
knowing before the knife crosses
your precious wrist, that you’ve
made your decision,
knowing before even you.

Miss Grace comes to mind,
as the cold steel blade touches your
hot skin, stalling your determination.

How much did he love you?

She is wearing a blue suit,
hair drawn into a pony tail.

He loved you this much.

Her eyes smile warmly into yours.
She opens her arms,
and hangs herself on an imaginary cross.

(c)Susan Elliott