Friday, December 11, 2015

Exclusive YouTube Content

Wow! I had no idea how fun doing YouTube devotionals and author interviews was going to be! I freely admit I'm having a blast. Eventually, I plan to actually use video and not just still images, but that will be sometime after Christmas. Until then I will be posting away with "podcasts."

There are several new devotionals on YouTube right now, and I want to let you know that they're there. If you miss a devotional, or would like easy access to them, check out the tab on the top of the page that says YouTube Content.

If you haven't listened to these messages or the author interviews, I'd like to encourage you to check them out. I try to add several new devos weekly -- I am hoping to get to the point that I can post them daily. I hope you find the messages worthy, and I want to encourage you to share them with your friends.

Here is the latest YouTube content:
Feeding the Wolf: Which Will You Choose?

Lessons From Acts 3: Arise and Walk

Four Tips of Being a Friend

The First Six Promises of God

Making Choices: Thou Art the Man

The Bible: A Weary Soul's Refuge