Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Introducing The Study Write Newsletter

There is now a great way to keep up with what's happening at the Church of Christ Women Authors on a weekly basis. I've partnered with MailChimp to create an awesome mailing list.

Now you don't have to worry if you missed a Facebook post, or the latest YouTube video, because a newsletter can be delivered right to your email inbox.

The Study Write Weekly Newsletter features the great content found on the Church of Christ Women Authors blog, as well as a few bonus features, and clickable hyperlinks that will take you directly to the content you're looking for.

To sign up simply enter your email address in the sign up bar on the right-side bar. Don't worry, I won't share your email address, or spam you inbox. At most you will receive one email a week that contains a PDF of the Study Write Weekly Newsletter, letting you know what great content is available.

I hope you take advantage of this great opportunity and I look forward to sending you the Study Write Weekly Newsletter! As always, thanks so much for supporting the Church of Christ Women Authors blog!