Thursday, September 3, 2015

God's Creation (A Picture Book) by Susan Elliott

God's Creation is a full color picture book full of watercolor images of plants, animals, birds and scenery. It is a great book for a small child who is learning to read, or for a child who likes to look at pictures of animals.

God's Creation is currently only available in Ebook form, but it will be available in print. As soon as it is, I will add a link to the print book.

Have you thought about making your own picture book? 

It's not hard. Yesterday, I shared a YouTube tutorial that gives a step-by-step process for making a picture book. Believe me it is so easy. In fact, the one I have here, God's Creation , was made in just a few hours. Most of that time included finding the pictures and transferring them to watercolor.

The author in the video recommended an app to change pictures from standard images to painted or watercolor images. I found a free program that works great. It's called FotoSketcher. You can adapt pictures into watercolor, oil paintings, pencil sketches and more!

Finding Images:

Linda from Around Mom's Kitchen Table posted a great article titled, Public Domain Images and Photos to Improve Your Blog. Within the article she lists several places to find public domain images. (I would like to add Wikimedia Commons to the list. I use it all the time.) Always read the licensing of the images. It must say public domain for it to be used freely.

Now it's time to put your ideas for picture books into action!

What picture books are going to make?