Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Painting of Dolly Luca by Andrea R. Piper

The Painting of Dolly Luca

"Carlo Bardinelli was an ordinary, happy New Yorker. Full of vigor and spunk, he lived life to its fullest…that is…until the accident happened. Everything changed for him, nothing was the same. Somehow, life had escaped him…

Delilah Luciano was no better. A woman that should’ve been in the prime of her years, how can someone so beautiful exist but not be alive? A prisoner of her own body, nothing seemed to move her anymore…

Neither one could know the joy that life held for them until their dreary worlds somehow collided…"

Make sure to check out Andrea R. Piper's Meet the Author Page!

What are some of your favorite paintings?

The Godly Woman's Guide to Daily Affirmations by Terri Temple

The Godly Woman's Guide to Daily Affirmations

"We all know life is not always easy especially as godly women and Christians. Therefore, each day it is vital that we are reminded of our worth. So, in this wonderful book you will find words of encouragement that will greatly inspire you so that Jesus, not Satan, will have the victory in your life.

You will be amazed by how good and empowered you feel after
reciting these powerful words each morning, and it only takes a few moments. These are the same affirmations that I, a committed and devoted godly woman, speak over my soul each morning. Doing so makes it easier for me to live a life that is acceptable and pleasing in Father's sight and it helps me to be a blessing wherever I go.

You too will be inspired, feel magnificent, and made spiritually stronger when you recite the same affirmations in this book. "Every woman who professes to be a Christian needs this book and is
struggling and suffering unnecessarily without it! ~Terri Temple" (The Godly Woman's Guide)

What thoughts help you stay motivated in you Christian walk?

The Everyday Lady by Brittany Davis

Brittany Davis, Everyday Lady, Women's Books, Church of Christ Women Authors, Style Your Soul

"The Everyday Lady…

Knows that manners matter today more than ever.

Leaves people, places and comment sections better than she found them.

Acknowledges that she can’t do it all, but she can do some exceptionally well. * Has a signature look.

Doesn’t take life too seriously, and knows that laughter is medicine.

Protects her reputation.

Prays often.

Holds herself to a standard of grace not perfection.

With over 101 graceful guides learn to navigate all of life’s sticky situations with style.

Become an Everyday Lady today! This book makes a great graduation, birthday or anytime gift!" (Virtuous)

If you haven't ever checked out Brittany's videos, make sure to watch the one below!

It's funny when you get to an age and you can say, I remember when. I've known Brittany since she was a little girl. She has become a real mover and shaker within women's circles, but has remained true to God and the scriptures. I wholly recommend her books, magazine and videos!

Remember to check out Brittany Davis' Meet the Author Page!


What ladies magazines do you read for inspiration?