Sunday, November 1, 2015

Purer in Heart by Heather Pryor November BOM Reading Schedule

I hope you're gearing up for our newest study! This month we are studying Purer in Heart by Heather Pryor.

"What does it take to be purer in heart? This 13 lesson study for teen-aged girls and women explores possessing purity in every area of our lives so that we may stand before the Lord with "clean hands and a pure heart". (Psalm 24:3-4) Each lesson includes discussion questions, a personal challenge, prayer requests, and a scripture to commit to memory. Chapter topics include: Purity in our speech, Purity in our thoughts, Purity in our motives, Purity in our religion, and more. The book is designed to be used for either personal or group Bible study. Grab a Bible and prepare your heart to delve into the Scriptures to search for the answers to growing purer in heart." (Amazon)

November Reading Schedule:

Week One: Lessons 1-4
Lesson One: The Purpose of Purity
Lesson Two: A Special Treasure
Lesson Three: Purity in  Our Speech
Lesson Four: Purity in Our Thoughts

Week Two: Lessons 5-7
Lesson Five: Purity in Our Motives
Lesson Six: Purity in Our Attitudes
Lesson Seven: Purity in Our Dress

Week Three: Lessons 8-10
Lesson Eight: Purity in Our Bodies
Lesson Nine: Purity in Our Religion
Lesson Ten: Purity in Our Lives

Week Four: Lessons 11-13
Lesson Eleven: Purity -- Outward vs. Inward
Lesson Twelve: Godly Examples of Purity
Lesson Thirteen: Maintaining Purity