Friday, November 27, 2015

My Favorite Things Featuring Dorothy Drulman

I have to admit that I felt very close to Dorothy when I read her favorite things article. I too, love the thing she enjoys and for the exact same reason.

My Favorite Things
by Dorothy Drulman

One of my favorite coffee mugs! (Susan)
I just love coffee mugs. I like for them to say the city they came from. When I have coffee in the morning with San Francisco on the cup, for instance, I spend some time there again with my coffee and some very special moments. One was a chance meeting with a recent widow, as was I.  So it was not the Sequoia, but our tears together that were special.  I have a mug that says, "Watch the Gap."  It is from the London Airport, and I can't look at that cup without  watching the gap again as I had gotten on the subway and had wondered if I would ever be found again. I have a coffee mug with the pink twisted ribbon for cancer survivors, and I know very well the person gave it to me because of my own cancer but hers as well.  You want to make my day? Select a cup for me like you would a greeting card. You will be always on my mind.