Monday, December 7, 2015

The Ultimate Family Reunion by Cynthia Evans

By: Susan Elliott

I haven't been to a physical family reunion in a very long time, but I do look forward to getting together with the members of my family I haven't seen as often as I get the chance. There is nothing like sitting with family and listening to their stories and learning family histories.

In fact, it's almost indescribable to explain to someone who has not lost an important part of their family hierarchy as to what an impact that kind of loss makes in your life. I often sit and think about my grandparents, and long to hear their stories, or their voices drifting in to my sleeping mind from the kitchen when I would wake up in the morning.

Sadly,  most of them are gone now. But, I can rejoice knowing that at least some of my family died in the Lord, and that I have the hope of seeing them again someday. This is the family reunion Cynthia is discussing in her book The Ultimate Family Reunion.

About The Ultimate Family Reunion:
"The Ultimate Family Reunion is a Biblical study in comparing an earthly family reunion and the heavenly one awaiting God's people."

Cynthia spoke about what this book means to her in her author interview: Meet the Author Cynthia Evans. Here's what she had to say:

This book is "very personal to me because it accounts of my earthly Powers family reunion to our spiritual reunion. It's personal because I want my earthly family members to be a part of the heavenly family reunion."

I think we can all say that we want our family members to be part of that heavenly family reunion. I hope and pray that we can reach as many souls as possible as we journey on Earth and that we can reach out to our friends and family.

If you haven't checked out Cynthia's book, it's available from Amazon. If you'd like, feel free to share some of your favorite family memories below in the comment section.

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