Thursday, December 24, 2015

The Forever and Always Journal By Arianna Elliott

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The Forever and Always Journal by Arianna Elliott

This is an adorable journal featuring the original artwork of Arianna Elliott. The inside of the journal has lined pages and an adorable black and white watermark of the cover image.

This journal is perfect for teens and anyone who loves adorable artwork!

Heart Song: Poetry by Susan Elliott

I woke up this morning
with a tear in my eye
a heart sore and wounded,
yet unable to cry.
But as I lifted my head,
from its place of rest
I turned to the Lord
finding bittersweet solace.
In the breath of the moment
I reached out to God
thanking Him for loved ones,
the paths that I’ve trod,
for the life that I have,
and the world around me.
But, pausing in thought,
and still locked in my grief.
It took only an instant
to ask for reprieve.
While burdened in heart,
I thanked most of all
that I can turn to Him.

He picks me up when I fall.

© Susan Elliott

Evolution Is Impossible Cartoon Short

Since this is the week of Christmas and we are all really busy, I thought I'd share a fun video. I hope you're having a great time with your family!