Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Phenomenal Woman by Susan Elliott

Maya Angelou once stated
where her secret lies,
wasn’t in her fashion,
stature or her size,

she believed she knew the secret
so with a siren cry
she elevated woman
rebuked the world’s disguise.

Though her thoughts are poignant,
truthful in many ways,
the real phenomenal woman
is hard to find today.

She’s not found in her beauty,
movement or her grace,
not recognized by her stunning smile
though brilliantly displayed.

She is known in her gentle kindness
temperate in her ways.
She teaches of her Savior,
lives within His grace.

(C) Susan Elliott

A Pearl Seeker by Becky Blackmon

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About A Pearl Seeker:

"Becky Blackmon introduces a new series for women, Lord Help Me. As the foundation book, she chose A Pearl Seeker, a fresh, candid look at how today’s woman relates to the Scriptures. In the same intimate style of her bestseller The Begging Place, Becky lays out eleven vital goals for a woman of God to seek, such as: ''Seek a Spiritual Mindset'', ''Seek Second Chances'', and ''Seek the Good Part''. This motivational book will gently admonish the lukewarm Christian, and fortify the staunchest follower of Christ. The Bible truly is the Pearl of great price. Learn to value this Pearl as your greatest treasure." (Publishing Designs)