Tuesday, September 27, 2016

This Mornings Latte: Jungle CocoNut & Does the Story Write Itself?

Whoo-Hoo! This mornings coffee is stout and good, and after a late night writing I had to have something wonderful this morning. Several years ago I had a latte called Mocha Jungle Monkey. It was so good. It featured banana flavor, peanut butter, and coconut. I don't have banana flavor, so I made a latte as close to this one as I could.

I have a favorite Starbucks coffee mug with a mermaid on it that I like to drink from. It reminds me of an Ed Hardy art piece. Most mornings I am sipping from this porcelain tumbler; however, I am not a true creature of habit so I do alternate between a Snow White coffee mug, and a  Dia de Los Muertos mug. I think surrounding myself with interesting things like my fun coffee mugs help me write.

Do you have any interesting writing quirks like that?

Today, I have crossed over the 47,000 word mark on my fantasy novel, and I love seeing the word count climb. As my novel progresses, I've been wondering something that I wanted to ask you.

Where do you think the words come from when you write?

I know most writers say the story writes itself, but have you ever considered how? I would love to hear your thoughts on writing in the comments below.

This Mornings Latte Recipe: Jungle CocoNut 

Jungle CocoNut Coffee

Pecan pie coffee
1 Tbs cream of coconut
2 Tbs powdered peanut butter
1 shot sugar free coconut syrup
1 shot caramel macchiato coffee creamer

Place the cream of coconut in a 20-ounce coffee tumbler, and add 2-TBS of powdered peanut butter. Stir until the peanut butter is well incorporated. Add 1 shot of sugar free coconut syrup to the mixture. Fill the cup half way full of coffee, and then mix. Add a shot of caramel macchiato coffee creamer and then fill the cup the rest of the way up with coffee.

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